The CiG1-MAS01-4A is a Central-i Master Unit, equipped with 6 Central-i ports. 4 (Main) ports can be used for any type of remote unit (including remote servo amplifiers) and the Auxiliary 2 ports can be used for remote I/O units only.
Detailed specifications 
Number of ports/axes
Sampling rate
16, all axes, all control loops
Communication channels
Ethernet, CAN Bus, RS-232, USB, RS-485
Simultaneous operation
Interfaces to remote amplifiers
Central-i Links, up to 10 meter per link
Optional longer distances
Power supply
Single, 12 to 36
with protection against inversed polarity
Motion Modes 
PTP, repetitive PTP, Jogging, Search Index, Search Home
Velocity Joystick, Position Joystick
Gearing, ECAM
FIFO, CNC (Linear, Arc, Helical)
Option for Pulse/Direction motion mode
Advanced algorithms
PIV control + Acc. and vel. FFW + 3 Bi-Quad filters
Gain scheduling (10 modes, 5 control sets)
Auto Tune
Auto Inertia change compensation, on the fly
Vibration suppression
Input Shaping
Acceleration/Deceleration Shaping
Friction compensation
True Gantry control
Protections and limitations
High position error, High velocity error
Position software limits, High velocity
High current, Peak current, Continuous current
Motor stuck
Programmable inputs function
RLS, FLS, Home
Motor On/Off, Begin Motion, Stop Motion, Abort Motion
Gain scheduling
Operation Mode and control filters toggling
And many more...
Programmable per each input and port
Programmable outputs function 
Motor On, In Motion, In Acceleration/Deceleration
End of motion, In Target
Regeneration Control, Dynamic Brake Control
And many more...
Programmable per each output and axis
User program
8 threads
Feedback special function
1/T (programmable frequency and gap)
Position Events (fixed gap or by table)
Position Lock
Error Mapping (1D, 2D and optional 3D)
Depends also on remote unit type and capabilities
Download ...

Hardware User's Manual
User's Manual
Command and Communication Reference Manual
PC Suite User's Manual
User Program User's Manual
Extended RS-232 protocol, support for RS-485
Inertia Auto Tuning Manual
Mechanical models
(for the 3D model, first Save As and then open with Acrobat Reader)
Latest Firmware version-
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