AG300 Product Family
The AG300 family of products is based on a high performance, features-rich, 3 axes controller board (AG300-CTL01-3A-03).
This controller board can operate as a stand alone controller, providing interfaces to external servo amplifiers (10v - 16 bits, or optional Pulse/Direction).
Mounted with a dual-axes PWM amplifier (AG300-AMP01-2A-03) it creates an integrated control unit that can control land drive Brushless, Brush and Stepper motors (linear and rotary).
While mounted with an amplifier, the controller board can still control and drive a third axis, using external amplifier over analog or optional Pulse/Direction interface.
The built-in PWM amplifier has three variants for low, medium and high currents, and can operate from a singe DC Power supply between 12vDC to 90vDC.
The main characteristics of the AG300 control unit are:
16KHz sampling rate (position, velocity and current)
Auto Tune
Incremental, absolute and SIN/COS encoders supports
Input shaping
Variety of motion modes, including CNC, blending
Vibrations suppression
Advanced control filters
Up to 8A continuous, 16A peak
Error Mapping (1D, 2D and optional 3D)
12vDC to 90vDC, single power supply
Variety of motion modes, including CNC, blending
Regeneration control and output
High number of discrete inputs, NPN and PNP Static Brake control and output
High number of outputs, Sink and Source (500mA)
Dynamic braking
Analog inputs and outputs
Safety (torque off, 2 independent channels)
Differential inputs and outputs
Ready with industrial connectors, direct to system cables
You can learn much more about the detailed characteristics and features of each product within the individual page of the product.
The products in the AG300 family are:
AG300-CTL01 Stand alone controller board
AG300-DRV01 Integrated control unit
Download AG300-DRV01 Brochure:        AG300-DRV01-2A Brochure.pdf - 3 Mb
Download Auto-Tune article (Hebrew):     Auto-Tune Article.PDF - 1 Mb
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