The Technology

Central-i is an innovative, patent pending topology for motion control systems. At the center of a Central-i system there is a multi axes master controller. All the algorithms are performed by the master controller including trajectory and position, velocity and current loops (all in 16KHz).
The remote units receive the results of the algorithms via a proprietary digital protocol. All remote units have no computational abilities, so they are low cost. All axes are synchronized down to 8nsec due to the nature of the Central-i communication.
Creating a Central-i system is as easy as plugging in the cables. The system adapts itself to the connected units and then, although distributed, behaves as a Centralized unit, with easy to use single controller to communicate with, to tune and to program. No need to learn complex networking, object items and complex standards.
Multi-axes motions and control (e.g. Gantry) are easy due to the centralized control, although the remote units are distributed.
A failure at any of the remote units has strictly no effect on the other units/axes.
The Central-i topology supports transparent connection to Analog command and Pulse/Direction command drives, to enable any power and configuration.
Download Central-i Technology and Products Brochure:                Central-i Brochure Full.pdf - 10 Mb
Download article about Central-i Technology (Hebrew):                Central-i Technology Article.pdf - 1 Mb
Download article about Force Control (Hebrew):                            Force Control article.pdf - 1 Mb
Download article about CNC and Special Algorithms (Hebrew):     CNC and Special Algotithms.pdf - 1 Mb 
The Products

The products in the Central-I family are (and much more to come...):
CiG1 - MAS01 Master controller for up to 4 axes + 2 general purpose Central-i ports
CiG1 - AMP01 DC amplifier with enhanced interfaces (Aux. encoder, more I/O)
CiG1 - AMP02 DC amplifier
CiG1 - AMP50 AC amplifier with enhanced interfaces (Aux. encoder, more I/O)
CiG1 - IOC01 I/O module, digital and analog inputs and outputs
CiG1 - ADP02 Adapter unit for system expansion to any 3rd company drive
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