AG300 Product Family

AG300 is a 3 axis controller that is supplied either as stand - alone or with an amplifier board that can support 2 brushless/stepper motors or up to 3 brush or voice coil motors.
The products in the AG300 family are:
AG300-CTL01 Stand alone controller board
AG300-DRV01 Integrated control unit
Central-i Product Family

Central-i is an innovative, patented topology for motion control systems. At the center of the system there is a multi axes controller. This controller is the master of the system. All the algorithms are performed by the master controller including trajectory and position, velocity and current loops in 16KHz.
The remote units receive the results of the algorithms via a proprietary digital protocol. All remote units have no computational abilities, so they are low cost. All axes are perfectly synchronized due to the nature of the Central-i communication.
The products in the Central-i family are:
CiG1 - MAS01 Master controller for up to 4 axes + 2 general purpose Central-i ports
CiG1 - AMP01 DC amplifier enhanced interfaces (Aux. encoder, more I/O)
CiG1 - AMP02 DC amplifier
CiG1 - AMP50 AC amplifier enhanced interfaces(Aux. encoder, more I/O)
CiG1 - IOC01 I/O module, digital and analog inputs and outputs 
CiG1 - ADP02 Adapter unit for system expansion
Agito PC Suite

agito PC Suite is a leading software environment to configure, tune and operate of all agito controllers and master units.
The PC Suite provides configuration wizard, time domain tuning and analysis, frequency domain identification and design, auto tuning and easy to use GUI for all the features of agito controllers.
The PC Suite provides large variety of tools, each optimally designed for a specific task, combined with a wide range of flexible floating tools, such as: Motions, Inputs, Outputs, Statuses, Terminal, Data Recording and more. To complete this wide set of tools, the user can even create his own floating tools, for statuses, parameters and many other user interface objects.
The PC Suite provides extremely easy to use environment, yet with features and power far from any competing environment. The best way is to experience it yourself. Write us or call us for a demo meeting.
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